An awareness film commissioned by the Wildlife Trust of India to protect and safeguard the Sunderbans. This short film has been directed, produced and animated by the super talented team at Ghost animation. 
The team at Ghost animation decided to experiment and do something completely different on this project. They brought me on board to create a miniature set of the Sunderbans, that served as a background to the 2D animated style on the characters and overall storytelling. The set was built mostly from found objects - moss, mud, twigs, ice cream sticks and a mirror. Built in 2 weeks, shot in 2 days and carefully animated over months.
Direction - Kalp Sanghvi
Animation - Anwaar Alam, Gaurav Wakankar, Isha Mangalmurti, 

Shaheen Sheriff, Kalp Sanghvi, Upamanyu Bhattacharya, Saksham Arora
(Ghost Animation)
Set Design - Sharanya Ramesh

Set photography - Amitava Saha, Attrik Bardhan
(Detailed credits in film)

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