Got this amazing chance to work with THE Virat Kohli, remotely of course. Directed and animated this film for Vize hand sanitisers and learnt so much in the process. 
Bringing the world of paper stop motion to live action, all shot against chroma, was totally new and challenging for me, but so worth it. 
  Production house - The Artist Collective Films
Creative Producer - Akhil Iyer

Director - Sharanya Ramesh
Animation team - Tanya Agarwala, Shruti Rao
Online Editor - Hiren

Music and Sound design - Rahull Raut    Voiceover - Tejas In-house
In house team - Deepak, Ankit, Sanim
Special thanks - Gagan Gujral, Yash D, Rahul Daam, Sonia Srinivasan, Kiran Ayathan

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