This music video is set in a surreal world. We follow the story on a night heavy with possibilities, an exciting rendezvous, a mad chase through lost and forgotten spaces, a sensual union. An abstract commentary on society and morality.
 A music video for the up and coming Nepali folk rock band, Gauley Bhai. Simrayo took over a year to make, with a lot of heart and sweat. 
With a whacky concept and story, I had my fair share of challenges to overcome on this project, in terms of execution and logistics. All the sets had to be created to the scale of the protagonists, miniature stilettos, that were masterfully crafted by Amar. Bringing life into a pair of shoes and animating them in a way that gave them a character of their own and made them believable, was the most rewarding aspect. Much was learnt on this challenging project – DIY rigs, using unexpected materials to make the sets look authentic, adjusting to constantly shifting locations, lighting an entirely night sequence, to name a few. 
Concept & Direction – Ekta Mittal
  Animation, Sets, Production & Post production – Sharanya Ramesh                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Puppets (Stilletos) – Amarjit Khalsa
Edit – Abhro Banerjee
Colour - Veecheet Dhakal, Additional post production – Nihal Passanha, Sowmya Swaminathan

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