This film was created for the launch of Only Earth, a plant based milk brand.  This film had the team thinking on our feet constantly, as it was pulled off in the middle of a lockdown and many restrictions.
The puppets were hand made with felt, clay and a basic wire armature inside. The miniature sets were made from materials like wood, cardboard, paper, clay, moss, artificial grass. Everything seen on screen was shot in-camera, except the sky background and the milk splash.
Agency/Production House - The Content Lab
Founder &  Lead, Brand Solutions - Supriya Sehgal I Founder & Creative Director - Vaibhav Mehta 
Director & Animator - Sharanya Ramesh I Producer - Digvijay Patil
Editor - Tapasya Singh I Online - Vaibhav Parmar, Dhruv Chandra
Colour - Adolf D'souza, Nihith Verma, Vivek Patil
Music - Aakash Rijia I Props Assistant - Ratnesh Sunil

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